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How dten is different from other leather brands?

The wardrobe seems to be lacking an essential travel staple for men and women. We devised a product line classified as bomber jackets, biker jackets, and a famous fashion sense in the European market—an untiring search for a non-synthetic product range. There was a need for the brand to address the fashion sense, comfort, and pricing structure that fit the budget constraints considering buyer behavior of the ideal market for the leather consumer.

How dten is impacting leather products as a luxury brand?

The term fast fashion is quite prevalent in the European market. Fast fashion is not sustainable from an ecological perspective, which translates to the buying practice of the consumer that doesn’t last for years. Therefore, we devised a product range that fits us into a luxury brand.

Has dten overcome the challenge of solving the problem to its targeted leather consumers?

Dten figured out that the over-priced pricing structure was mainly due to the multiple stages involved in supply chain management. The market survey indicated that there is usually a long chain of distributers with more processes and market contenders interested in the procurement and sourcing stage, which eventually made this process a bit complicated. Overall, it resulted in costly marketing campaigns. It gives a clear picture and indicates how only a tiny portion of the price consumers paid went into the product itself.

What is the idea behind dten?

The idea was to make high-quality leather accessible to the people who love wearing and buying luxury brands. There was a gap in material to fulfill market needs without disrupting the ecological practices for consumer goods. Once we identified the actual market needs according to the demographics and buyer personas, we made it possible for the consumers to experience the finest quality of leather accessories for business, travel, and sports.

How we made it possible?

It was not easy; there was a lot of teamwork and collaboration that resulted in dten. We got the best procurement, e-commerce, and marketing experts to scale the business. Then the next step was getting customer feedback to improve the brand. By cutting out unnecessary expenses, designing and manufacturing in-house, marketing, selling directly to consumers, and utilizing just-in-time production enables us to provide higher quality leather jackets at a fraction of market price.

How do I know what is happening in transit with my order?

Any product you purchase from our store typically takes 5-7 business days to deliver. Due to the onset of a pandemic, you may experience slight delays in your shipments. You can contact us at (insert email here) if your product is not shipped in the mentioned timeline to inquire about your purchase order.

Do you ship orders worldwide?

We ship across the EU. Contact us and at +31103071092  for further queries.

How will I know about my order details?

After placing your order from the d-ten store, you will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes, and we will notify you promptly about your purchase. The customer service team at DTen ensures to give you a timely response. You can see our return and exchange policy page for more information.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is dispatched, the team at DTEN will notify you of the tracking details through a system-generated email from DTen.

How can I cancel my order?

If the product that you ordered from DTen is in transit, then you have to receive and apply for a return.

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