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Thanks to D.Ten. I had just received my leather jacket and it has far exceeded my expectations. The leather feels so soft and the texture looks so fabulous. The stitching and detailing on the jacket are beyond my expectations. I’ll definitely plan on shop more for you in the future!Mark Johnson


Love the stylish and chic design yet not too bold. Sure to turn heads, because it’s packed with such care. Best quality and delivery service in town that never ceases to disappoint its customer. Sure to be back for more.Rolefsun Kennedy


. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and quality of the Jacket. Easy to drape on every outfit. Customer service and shipping are beyond my expectations. You won’t find quality like this. I’ll definitely recommend this brand.Mason Monk


Just like they promise, D.Ten stand behind its sales and promise for customer satisfaction. They are always being great about our orders. Shop from them, you can’t go wrong with D.Ten.Francisca John

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Leather Jackets for Men &Women,

These jackets are made with the costumer in mind for which it is essential to understand the needs and wants of the customer. We deliver products with quality at an affordable price. Our classic and modern designs, keep in line with the latest fashion trends globally.

How are leather jackets supposed to feel?

Real and genuine leather is soft and malleable, with tiny imperfection which arise due to the natural treatment of the hide itself. The leather commonly used to produce our jackets ranges from full grain leather to top grain leather. The full-grain leather comes from original sources which is not sanded hence it has a thicker feel to it. Top-grain leather is sanded to remove imperfections closer to the outer surface. These leather jackets made using full-grain or top-grain leather last a long time when treated properly.

How are jackets supposed to fit?

Leather jackets are an investment; hence one needs to be sure of the sizes to be completely satisfied with the product. Leather has a unique ability to stretch when pressure is applied subsequently wrinkles appear as well due to the pressure. The jackets are usually made true to size and will usually stretch and take the shape of the wearer. Due to the stretching qualities of leather, it is generally not advised to size up as that will give a baggy look wearing the jacket. To provide a good fit, all size and dimensions are provided at each product page to help our customers make an informed decision.

Understanding the Jacket Specifications

The most important areas are sleeves, armholes, and overall jacket length front and back, special attention must be paid to these while buying a leather jacket. The sleeves line up from your shoulder blade down to the wrist when the arms are laying comfortably on your  side. The armholes situated lower will give more room in the shoulder side and will lead to a loose-fitting jacket. A higher armhole will provide a snuggly fit and will give a more tapered look. The overall length of the jacket should be from the shoulder down to the waist or where your belt is usually worn, longer jacket sizes gives the wearer a smaller look.

How to identify real leather jackets

 To identify genuine leather, close attention is paid to the smell, look, and feel. Authentic leather has hints of an earthy and musky smell which slowly dissipates over time. The look of leather is dependent on the pores and minor irregularities which gives it an authentic look. One can hold the leather to a gentle flame to confirm its authenticity, as genuine leather does not easily burn. The feel of the leather is soft as compared to the hard feel of faux leather. It is beneficial to have these valuable insights regarding leather quality as it helps customers to identify sub-standard or fake leather goods.

Sizes and Colours

D-Ten provides a wide variety of jackets in vibrant colours. A black and brown leather jacket is recommended as a safe choice as it can easily match a variety of colours in your wardrobe for formal and informal occasions. For a bolder option, you can choose amongst red, light pink, indigo, white to flaunt your wild side. These jackets are made using full grain leather which due to its intrinsic qualities makes your jacket even more personal over time. All available sizes are provided alongside our jackets, so you can be sure before you add it to your cart. Are the sizes provided inadequate? please reach out to us at *email address*

Maintenance of Leather Jackets

 To elongate the life of your full grain leather jackets, its important to shield them from strong heat sources for example heaters, radiators, and blow-dryers. Avoid using sunlight or strong heat to dry your leather jackets as this may cause them to release moisture leading to discoloration and deterioration of its quality. A coat of waterproof sealant can be sprayed depending on your environment. A thin coat of a leather conditioner is advised to keep the leather jacket from becoming faded and save its leather from getting cracked. Acetone and other harsh chemicals are not advised as they may shorten the jacket’s longevity.

Care For Leather Jackets

 Leather jackets derive their suppleness from the natural oils present in them, we highly advise against washing your leather jacket in a washing machine as this will also wash away its natural oils. If the jacket has mud stains, please use a damp microfibre cloth in circular motion to remove them. Leather can shrink when subjected to high heat hence please do not use a dryer, as it will not only shrink your jacket but also cause it to lose its natural oils. To keep the glossy shine of your jacket it is advised to use a balsam, preferably from natural sources. Protecting your leather jacket from water and heat will go a long way in keeping your jacket in a pristine condition

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